hiking in utah

There’s nothing better than a girls weekend away from the crowds, the internet, and just about everything else. My friends decided to spend some time with nature, so we packed our bags and headed out to Zion National park in Utah for some hiking and exploration. Though the hikes were tough and tiring, they were beautiful beyond belief, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. All the sweat and water breaks were worth the amazing views we got to see, and while speaking of views, don’t even get me started on watching the stars at night. There’s nothing like gazing into the seemingly endless sky alongside some of your closest companions. Overall, it’ll be a trip that we will never forget!

Food Tour in Italy

Sometimes being a photographer shifts into being a food-tographer! On my trip to Italy, I was lucky enough to be able to go on a walking food tour around Rome. For foodies like us, it was an awesome experience, and really added to our understanding of the culture. Though you can never go wrong with New York pizza, getting to taste authentic Italian meals  ranging from mouthwatering deli meats, pizza fresh out of the oven, and my favorite, gelato, was a real treat. Of course, we got to pair the delicious treats with wine... a lot of it! All in all, it was, as the Italians say, una bella giornata! 



Sometimes spur of the moment decisions end up being the ones that create the best long-lasting memories. When I visited Iceland with two of my closest friends, as a result of a spontaneous decision, I was lucky enough to have my camera to capture these moments. Together, we immersed ourselves in the beauty and culture of the country. From the massive glaciers and waterfalls we gawked over, to the beautiful black sand beaches, Iceland’s amazing landforms left an impression on our group. In addition, to get the full experience, we explored the town where we were staying, and ate with locals. To get a glimpse of our trip, be sure to check out the Shop for prints!