De Gustibus Cooking School at The Pierre, Taj Hotel

It’s always a joy to see chefs give back to the culinary community, and I was lucky enough to be able to part of an event where they did just that! The De Gustibus Cooking School, a school that holds classes and culinary performances, visited The Pierre at the Taj Hotel for a lesson from one of the finest: Ashfer Biju. Executive Chef Biju and his team demonstrated and taught various techniques and skills for cooking anything ranging from fish to dessert. It was awesome to see the professionals and visitors bond over their common passion for the culinary arts.

Food Tour in Italy

Sometimes being a photographer shifts into being a food-tographer! On my trip to Italy, I was lucky enough to be able to go on a walking food tour around Rome. For foodies like us, it was an awesome experience, and really added to our understanding of the culture. Though you can never go wrong with New York pizza, getting to taste authentic Italian meals  ranging from mouthwatering deli meats, pizza fresh out of the oven, and my favorite, gelato, was a real treat. Of course, we got to pair the delicious treats with wine... a lot of it! All in all, it was, as the Italians say, una bella giornata!