The International Culinary Center boasts many influential alumni. I got the privilege of visiting three outstanding alumni in their workspaces and documenting their everyday routines, as well as taking portraits of them. Susanna Yoon, the Head Chocolatier and Founder of Stick with me Sweets, described how she was inspired by the outside world in the creation of her sweets. Her attention to detail came through in the design of the shop, and the confections inside. Similarly, Rhonda Crosson, Head Baker at Meyers USA in Grand Central Station, exhibits perfection in her bread baking. In addition to being an expert baker, she also enjoys travel. Finally, Jhonel Faelnar, Sommelier at The NoMad, encompassed the cool vibe of the restaurant. With its open bar area, rich atmosphere, and eccentric lighting, the venue transported us into another mindset. Faelnar is an expert on wine, and is happy to be able to work with his passion. It was a pleasure to work with such talented individuals and get a glimpse into what makes them who they are.


Susanna Yoon


Rhonda Crosson

Jhonel Faelnar